Book Traditional Tents, Marquees and Decor

All our traditional canvas, topped with the familiar hand-painted fire-bursts, and decorated with our Medieval Themed bunting, heraldic banners and standards - making us an easy area to find at your event!

Book Jesters, Magicians, Jugglers and Stiltwalkers

We have a multitude of shows, walkabout acts and performances - which always bring lots of laughs, smiles and family fun to any Event - Festivals, Fetes, Country Shows, Steam Fairs, Historical Events and more...

Fiery Jack - the Man, the Myth, the Legend....!

Comedian, MC, Fire-Juggler, Magician, Stilt-walker, Escapologist, Trick-cyclist, Circus Instructor, Games Expert, Dragon-Tamer, Event Organiser, Tent Master... and all around Showman Extraordinaire!

Vikings, Living History, Medieval Markets and more...

Our Medieval Village areas are full of exciting shows and demonstrations, with Vikings, Medieval Living History, Barber Surgeon, Market Traders, Reenactment Displays, Workshops, Craftsmen, Swordsmen, Archers and more...!

Stop and Play with Fiery Jack's Historical Games Crew!

Fiery Jack's Games Emporium is an interactive Travelling Museum with Games throughout the ages and experts on hand to explain the rules - or even the history! They Work Hard and Play Hard...!

Bringing a Smile to Every Event

From an Entire Medieval Experience to a Juggling Jester - our Team Can Do it All!

Welcome to Fiery Jack Entertainment!

Entertainment for any event with a wide range of shows, workshops, and larger than life characters